Puppy Training Tips

05 Dec 2020 12:21

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There are many websites and articles that can provide dozens of puppy training tips for dog owners. All you have to do is search the internet. All the websites and articles are basically providing the same information and fundamentals around dog training. The basic puppy training tips are included in this article. There are of course many methods, tips and techniques; these are just a few common tips to choose best and cute dog names for girls.


One of the most popular puppy training tips is to be patient. Patience is the secret to successfully training your puppy and housebreaking him. Dogs want to please their owners and they can sense when their owners are displeased or angry. If they sense this then their training is distracted and will take longer. Staying calm, being persistent and patient with your puppy will bring you much greater success. Another tip that goes along with being patience is being positive. Positive reinforcement when your puppy performs properly is ideal. Giving your puppy praise and rewards will encourage positive results in your training efforts.

Other basic puppy training tips include keeping their training or obedience lessons short. Dogs are easily distracted by other dogs or even their owners. Limiting the training sessions to fifteen minutes will help your puppy learn simple commands and tricks much faster than if you repeated the same lesson for an hour. Focus on one command at one time. Once your puppy masters that specific command, move on to the next keeping each command lesson at fifteen minutes or less. The entire training session should be less than an hour but can have a variety of commands or tricks within that hour. Each command should be limited but a variety added so not to create boredom or distractions.

Additional puppy training tips, especially housebreaking tips is to not scold your puppy when they have an accident and definitely do not rub their nose in the mess. This can confuse your dog especially if you rub their nose in it after they have long forgotten they even made a mess. Punishing your dog is not the right way to train your pet. You should never hit or harm your puppy in any way. Instead you should use positive reinforcement and praise when your puppy does something right. Also use treats or toys along with praise when they do something well. Providing praise, reward and love will train your pet faster than any type of fear or punishment tactics to choose unique dog names for girls.


These are just a few of the puppy training tips available. There are numerous tips available for housebreaking your puppy, teaching your puppy tricks and obedience training. You will need to determine what the right training method for you and your puppy. You are being trained while you train your puppy, so understanding how to be a good owner is also essential in obtaining a well behaved, housebroken dog. Do your own research and find what type of training best fits the type of dog you have whether it is based on the bred type or size or temperament.

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